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Escorts Perth Online – Boost Your Pack With Healthy Exercises, Not By Jelqing

You can write a lot of sex-related topics or discuss them with your partner or else with your most trusted Escorts Perth Online. How long you last in coitus, how many babes you’ve gone to bed with, the experience of anal sex, your porn habits – such are just some of the interesting themes to tackle. But then, how about penis-related? Well, if ever, this would be nothing else but about size!  Yes, men are somewhat conceited if they know they’re packing much more compared to others! Which brings us down to the topic on how much a guy can do just to boost his pack! As most American dudes boast, they say their penis measures an average of 5.6 inches when erect and 4.8 inches in circumference. Now, that could be a source of envy for other nationalities! This may explain why there are those who resort to every means in order to enhance their tool, just like “Jelqing”.

What Is Jelqing and How Is It Done?

It’s actually a penis enlargement method, a massage technique that’s meant to increase penis size. It is said that the word “jelq” is a corruption of “jerk-off” since it’s almost similar to masturbation. Whatever its origin, jelqing has come to be known as a general term for natural penis enlargement exercises.

The guy gives his dick a certain type of massage, then pulls and stretches it for the nutrient-rich blood to fill it up. By this, the penis becomes enlarged and the stretching itself makes it possible to add some inches to its original size. During wanking, you normally use a hand, however, in jelqing you make use of two hands and with a distinct grip. The way you hold the shaft is often likened to the “okay” hand signal.

Is Jelqing Safe and Recommended?

While jelqing is known to be a better trick to make your prick fill bigger holes than it regularly does, the said controversial technique is unfortunately not approved by medical practitioners. They say that the firm stroking motion used poses a threat in that it causes micro tears in the penile tissue. And hey, it does hurt! Whoever wants to feel pain down there?

The Best Option

A respected sex expert says that the impacts of jelqing aren’t really precise and definitely not worth the risk. Yet, if you want it, ask yourself first why and what’s motivating you? Always do your diligence – that is, research online then consult your doctor.  He’ll likely recommend some simple erectile healthy exercises rather than enlargement techniques. If you’re too shy to broach the subject with your GF, why not confide to your favourite Escorts Perth Online?



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