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Escorts Perth Online – 3 Factors That May Influence How Often (and When) You Have Sex

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t had much luck finding the right hookup buddy, or a good long-term romantic partner?  Perhaps it’s because you wore the wrong type of shirt, or you did it at the wrong time! According to science, the world around us is mysteriously filled with lots of hidden aphrodisiacs which can land you in bed, find you a faithful long-term partner, or end you up with someone who’s totally wrong for you! Here’s a look at three factors that may influence how often (and when) you have sex.

Timing  Whether you end up in bed with that hot lady you met at the bar, or end up being rejected again, this outcome could perhaps be determined by the day of the month, or the time you meet her. Perhaps tonight would be a great time to date the lovely and sexy Escorts Perth Online?

According to scientists, whether a woman wants babies or not, every month her body fires up the “baby maker”, releasing a fertile egg into the line of fire in case she gets lucky. To help improve her luck, her body also makes sure she looks ripe for the picking by raising the size of her breasts, dilating her pupils and increasing the pitch of her voice.

One study showed that strippers who are ovulating average $70 in tips per hour, but those who were menstruating and thus unable to conceive make just $35. So, who says that our body doesn’t know how to time things right?

The Pill

If he lady you’re dating is on birth control pills, there’s a chance that you are being tricked into dating or marrying the wrong person based by your own bodies. This is why some psychologists and sex experts believe that the high divorce rate in the modern era could perhaps be blamed on the pill!

The Taste in a Kiss

Your chances of getting laid tonight (or this weekend) could also depend on the quality (as well as the taste) of your kiss! Health experts say that a cluster of chromosomes called MHC (or major histocompatibility complex), which are present in both pheromones and saliva, and can determine the person’s likability level.

This explains why a kiss is definitely more than just a kiss, as it could be also be a potential test for a future partner! Perhaps if you date the lovely Escorts Perth Online tonight, this would be a great topic to talk about too!



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