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Escorts in Perth: What You Need to Know About Sex

Sex is something we want to intimately do with our partners, or want to be doing it.  But this subject is a complex word and it needs to be explored to achieve the ultimate pleasure and happiness to both partners’ lives. Here are two things that you should know about sex:

  • Sex is good for the health

Health experts had always said that sex is good for our bodies.  It has proven that those who have sex once or twice a week have more levels of igA or immunoglobulin, an antibody that helps prevent respiratory ailments like flu and cold or even asthma. Researchers also discovered that young men who had 4 or more ejaculations a week are less to be vulnerable to prostate cancer.

  • Have Sex more often

We all know that if we all want to have sex and know when, where, and how to get it. Biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher of Rutgers University said that dopamine levels increase when we fall in love.

These levels are the ones that control the brain’s pleasure areas. You can acquire these neurotransmitters by having sex more often.  This same effect has been studied to be present on activities such as standing on heights like riding a helicopter, bungee jumping or anything that something to do with being above air. Once these levels rises, you will want to have intercourse more often.

Once you ponder these two points which involves sex, chances are you will enjoy it, and gain health benefits at the same time.

With regard to hiring escorts in Perth, you can have these benefits if you start to engage yourself with escorts. In addition, these ladies are very good in giving you sexual pleasures, and thus giving you a more balanced well being.

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